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Braces Photo Camera Editor

Braces Photo Camera Editor is free android application which let you add Braces to your photos to make your teeth looks cool in easy way under 5 minutes. Braces Photo Camera Editor is app to add Braces, Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Eye Color, Makeup, Crown, Cute Ear, Hairstyle, Earring, Jewelry, Piercing and many others.

There is what you can do with Braces Photo Camera Editor:
- Add Braces To Your Photos
- Change Eye Color
- Change Eyebrow
- Beautify Your Eyelashes
- Make Your Face Smile / Change Lips
- Replace Your Hairstyle
- Add Piercing to Ear, Nose, Lips and other body part.
- Add Crown to your head
- Add jewelry such as earring, necklace, diamond, ring, etc
- And much more depends on your creativity.

With Braces Photo Camera Editor you can make Braces frame photo editor to your favorite photos easily less than a minute. This apps are packed with a lot fun fonts, many Braces style, smiley emoticon, sticker, change brightness, photo filter effect, emojis and awesome photo editor tools to make your photos more interesting, looks special.

This apps called Braces Photo Camera Editor has a very simple user interface to make your photo quickly, everybody can use this app even if you are newbie, with a powerful this app, Braces Photo Camera Editor that gives you everything to create awesome collage of your photos.

How to use :
- Launch Braces Photo Camera Editor app maker, then Open Media or by Camera directly
- Select a photo or take a picture using camera or Gallery
- Edit, crop, rotate your photo using App Braces Photo Camera Editor
- Rearrange Braces with your creativity
- View your photos in gallery
- Share The picture To Messenger Facebook twitter Instagram Whatsapp Line to your friends.


- Add Opacity to Braces

- Add Shadow to your sticker to make it looks real

- Add Overlay layers in your photo

- Add Filter Effect

- Adjust Brightnes, Contrast, Hue and Saturation both Braces sticker and background

- Erase current Braces sticker with eraser brush to match to your photos.

- Take camera photo and fit your face fit to the montage frames.

- Can take camera photo from both front and rear cameras

- Select a photo from the gallery to edit.

- Scale up/down. zoom in/zoom out and rotate the photo to fit the Braces frame

- Choose your favorite Braces Style

- Change color both of Braces and Sticker

- Set camera setting to make your photo look more amazing, set white balance , flash mode.

- Save photo into phone's gallery

- Share your photo to your friend via facebook,twitter,line,e-mail

- All frame are in high quality (HD) picture, make your photo look real and nice

Braces Photo Camera Editor Photo Editor is totaly free with simple user interface and beautiful frame, grid, stickers and text.

You can save the picture and set as Braces Photo Camera Editor or Lock Screen backgrounds, wallpaper or keyboards or emoji anything you want, include change color.